November 19, 2017

The Best Snorkeling Spots In The Caribbean

By Shachar Mizrahi
The Best Snorkeling Spots In The Caribbean

The Caribbean is blessed with thousands of spots in crystal clear waters, wait to be explored by snorkelers from around the world. So, where is the best snorkeling spot in the caribbean?

When warm waters, salty air, and magnificent coral reefs are beckoning, the Caribbean has the answer. 

Caribbean Snorkel

Well, the ‘best spot’ is completely up to you. However- there are a few spots that are rated ‘the best’ by thousands of visitors. Here are three places that boast great snorkeling in the Caribbean. There is something for everyone so take your pick.

Curacao Underwater Marine Park is a must-see for snorkelers. Enter the water from the shore or a boat - the choice is yours. The reef here is protected and thriving. In the shallows look for schools of different colorful fish. A little deeper out there are glimpses of octopus and green eels as well as sea turtles. Plan to stay a couple of hours so you can see all the breathtaking beauty this spot offers.


sea turtle - Caribbean Snorkeling Spots 


Bonaire is another top-rated snorkeling area. You can walk from the beach to most of the seventeen popular spots. The snorkeling areas are clearly marked by yellow stones along the coastline, making it extremely easy to find just the right place. Look for Parrotfish, Angelfish and the beautiful Butterflyfish.

There are Eagle and Manta rays, and you can even see whale shark and pods of dolphins. The reef is alive with Elkhorn, Boulder Star and Stony coral near the shore. Swim past the drop-off to see Great Star and Blushing Star corals.

Caribbean Snorkel Fish 

Belize is the most popular of all the snorkeling destinations. Here there are caves, atolls, and the Blue Hole, all waiting to be ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhhed’ over. Take time to search the caves and see millions of bats overhead. Snorkel Caye Caulker to view tiny seahorse hiding in the mangroves.

Hol Chan is a wonderful place for inexperienced snorkelers to learn the ropes. Here the water is about 30 m deep. See nurse sharks and rays in the daytime. At night, bioluminescent fish and glowing eels slide by as you watch.
Paradise- which is near South Water Caye, has crevices where giant grouper hideout.

 Best Snorkel Caribbean - Discus Fish

For those snorkelers looking for something unforgettable to dream about until their next visit, try Gladden Spit.  Plan your visit between March and June, as this is when the whale sharks can be spotted feeding under the surface. These giants won’t harm you, and they are truly magnificent to watch.

Turneffe Island is a spot of snorkeling perfection. Here mangrove islands are habitats for white spotted toadfish, jewfish, and even the occasional sailfish. Visitors will not be disappointed by this Belize treasure.

Caribbean Sunset

Try any of these fantastic snorkeling get-aways or find one of your own to explore. There are shallows with clear water, caves, hidden coves, and reefs to enjoy in the Caribbean. If you don’t feel comfortable snorkeling alone, there are experienced guides to help you from start to finish. So grab your underwater camera, your sunscreen, and your mask.