Affordable Travel Spots Around the World

5 AMAZING & Affordable Travel Spots Around the World

Tight budget?
Check these amazing places you can afford to travel, even when your budget’s a little tight.

Travelling and adventure feature on many bucket lists but if you want to explore new places, you’re going to need money to do it.

So where do you go when you’ve got itchy feet but a small budget?

We gathered and listed five affordable vacation spots that you can put on your list:


[1] Cambodia

Located in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is an incredibly affordable travel destination. From accommodation and transport to a wide selection of local dishes, this country provides travelers with great value for money while they take in the beautiful surroundings. 

Cambodia - Affordable Travel Spots Around the World

Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to haggle hard with taxi and tuk tuk drivers.


[2] Greece

The country’s recent economic struggles significantly affected prices, making this a great vacation spot for those who don’t have a lot to spend. 

Along with its many culinary delights, travelers have the chance to take in the country’s historical sites and stunning coastline. 

Greece - Affordable Travel Spots

Top Tip: Aim to rather travel between July and August to avoid crowds and scorching temperatures.


[3] Mexico

If you’re looking for a destination that is brimming with culture, beautiful beaches, and delicious food, Mexico should definitely be on your vacation list. 

The country also offers an exciting nightlife for those who would like to experience everything the country has to offer. 

Mexico - AMAZING & Affordable Travel Spots Around the World

Top Tip: Learn a bit of Spanish. The locals will really appreciate your efforts to communicate with them in their language, and it makes your trip a little easier overall.


[4] India

India is one country that travelers never regret visiting. This inexpensive country has so much to offer, from temples and a variety of foods and spices to quiet beaches and the beautiful Himalayan mountain range. 

India - AMAZING & Affordable Travel Spots Around the World

Top Tip: Take the time to plan properly. With so much to see here, you’re going to need to pick and choose the areas and sights that you really want to see.


[5] South Africa

If you love the outdoors, then South Africa is the perfect place for you to plan your next vacation. 

With a favorable exchange rate, travelers can enjoy everything from exciting game drives and stunning coastlines to the bustling nightlife in the many city centers. 


Top Tip: Keep your valuables at home. While this is a beautiful country, it’s not the place to be flashy.


Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive; you just need to know where to look and to plan your itinerary by your budget.

What is YOUR favorite travel destination when you're on a tight budget? 
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